FCL Export Services

We offer export FCL services from all ports on the West coast, East coast & Gulf coast to all main ports in Europe, Latin America, Far East, Middle East, Africa, Indian Sub-Continent and Australasia.

We specialise in the shipment of agricultural products including dried fruits and nuts, tomato paste and dairy products. As well as shipping all types of dry food cargo we have the extensive knowledge and experience required to handle refrigerated cargoes, both perishable & frozen. Of course we also ship a wide variety of other cargo types including overwide or overhigh items which are shipped using special open-top or flatrack containers.

Shipments are handled either from USA port or we can arrange shipment on a door basis from any inland location in the USA.  We can also book cargo where collection is on regular road trailers for loading into containers at a private warehouse close to the loadport.

We can also arrange crosstrade FCL shipments from/to any port worldwide using our global agency network.